Sunday, December 30, 2007

Go Back to Sheep

A long time ago, when Kristen was just a wee little thing, I designed and made her a sheep. It's kind of flat and two dimensional, which makes it also a kind of pillow. It's made of fake fleece and felt. We loved it and played with it for many years, but eventually it ended up out in the garage with all the other old toys.

Then when I started felting last year, I remembered the old sheep toy, and imagined it in thrift-store sweaters felted and re-purposed. I dragged old sheepie out of the garage and used him as a pattern and made a new and woolier sheep, named Go Back to Sheep (since the wool was on a sheep, and then in a sweater, and is now gone back to being a sheep.)

Kristen's buddy Ryan liked him so much he wanted one for himself, so I made another one for him for Christmas. He's the one on the right! (Kristen is the shepherdess.)

He's got an unnaturally long neck and is camel-brown and black. The thick wooliness of the felted sweaters make the two new ones very plump and pleasant for tucking behind one's back in a chair. They don't seem to mind. :-)

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