Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Minimalist Cardigan and so forth

I am working on my first actual adult size sweater ever--a pattern called the Minimalist Cardigan, from Interweave knits Fall 07. I made a baby sweater and a me-sized sleeveless vast, but this will be my first attempt at putting sleeves into a sweater and having it fit an adult. I might be in serious denial, and in fact I might be knitting a sweater for someone other than myself, because the size I am knitting looks a bit too small. But I just don't want to make it big. I've looked at a number of versions of it, and it's not really cute unless it's, well, minimal. So I'm hoping it will fit me, and if it doesn't, I'll give it to my sister or niece or something.

What's that green thing in the background? It's a super cool hat being knit by Kristen. We want pictures when it's done, dearie!

And how about a picture of me and dear husband, actually taken *last Christmas,* but we look the same. We even wear the same clothes! :-)

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Stiks said...

I think I goofed..on right front when I turn back the collar to the outside the purl side of stockinette shows...!!