Saturday, July 18, 2009


It is official: I totally love knitting lace.

This is my latest little project, which took only 2 weeks to knit, called Ishbel. I bought the yarn on July 3rd and spent a day fiddling with the pattern, and then it was just full-speed ahead.

The yarn is 100% cashmere, for which I paid $40 at Wildfibers in Santa Monica. I love the color, and of course it feels marvelous. $40 seems like a lot to pay for a skein of yarn. But it doesn't seem like too much to pay for something this pretty when I'm done! (I also have quite a bit left. I will stop by the post office and weigh the finished shawl and the remaining skein and see how they compare and figure out something else to knit from it as well.

I like that this design is small and wider than it is long (that's what made the pattern tricky at first--you have to do yarn-overs on both sides, between purl and knit stitches, which doesn't seem hard, but takes a little figuring.)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer knitting

To keep my hands occupied, I made two washcloths, which I really like. Sure, washcloths are silly. But they're soft and lovely to use, and fun to knit. And you can finish them in a day or two.

Kristen got some Cascade 220 on our fieldtrip to Wildfiber in Santa Monica, and is at work on a rippled cable scarf that I am in love with.

And I got some cashmere laceweight in a color known as Plum Rose (which already makes me love it) and am off and running on the shawl pattern Ishbel. It took em two days to figure out a method of increasing that I was satisfied with, but now I am very happy with how this is coming along. we'll see how the lace portion goes!