Monday, January 23, 2017

Finally! A new design

 This design has been in my head for years, and last summer I decided to work it up. I had it test-knit and people said it seemed too small, maybe preemie size. Back to the drawing board, and I made a larger size, intending to offer it with 2 sizes. But this time testers thought the armhole was too tight (and I hate that feeling in my own clothes and certainly don't want babies to feel it!)

Finally, with this winter break, I had time to knit it up for a third time, along with a hat (not pictured), and it has been thoroughly tested and revised.

 I love the combination of garter and the corrugated stitch pattern, and I love the fact that it is unisex and seamless! The Twist Cotton yarn is delicious and I actually enjoyed knitting it all three times! :-)

And here's the live link: Greenfields Baby Cardigan and Hat.