Friday, October 29, 2010

Swatch This

Since I made these 5 squares, I might as well save my notes here in case I decide to knit any of these stitch patterns in the future.

Th first one below is called Double Broken Rib. It is different on front and back and has a deep waffled texture. It is on page 12 of Barbara Walker's first Treasury. 4-row repeat. Would work for a scarf or wash cloth.

The second one is Raised Moss Stitch Rib. It is very similar to the Farrow Rib pattern used in the Allegan Cardigan from The Book of Wool, but the knits and purls vary slightly. It doesn't curl but it does pull in. I got this from Simply Knitting, I put the pattern in the Book of Wool.

The next one is also from Simply Knitting. It is 4 over 4 cables, with stitches on the RS worked through the back loop. I had to add croceht to the sides because it pulled in a great deal. I also tried to steam-kill it because it wasn't lying flat enough. The effect is pretty, but a bit troublesome to work with.

The one below is a classic Basketweave, found on page 16-17 of the first Treasury. Very satisfying appearance, easy to work but needs more attention that you would think.
The last one is perhaps my favorite. It is a single Diamond Brocade, from page 30 of the first Treasury. It lies perfectly flat and smooth and seemed to grow in width (though perhaps not. I cast on 33 stitches, more than the others.) I had to frog several times before I got all the lines lining up correctly, but the end result is very pleasing.

All of these were done with size 7 needle and Bernat Berella 4 "afghan yarn" (worsted weight), which I found surprisingly unpleasant to work with. I might go up a needle size, since my gauge is pretty firm. I had less than a yard of yarn left at the end. Th se can all be stretched to 7" x 7", and all had between 30-33 stitches cast on, but the finished dimensions vary much more than you might expect.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Picture Dump

I have a lot more pictures of the beauty of Maine in the fall, which I might as well upload here. These were all taken in Hartland.

A stranger's clothes on the line. I liked the colors.

"He is all pine and I am apple orchard."

Grandma's window box.
A grape vine twined itself into this maple tree in the back yard, and not until the tree turned red could you really see what was vine and what was tree.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Family and Food

I'm home now, but last Sunday, the Elwells and the Allens gathered at Grandma and Grandpa's to tell funny stories and eat. Above, Joanne and Emily.

Caleb, Hannah and Abby.

Yes, Lydia is taller than Grandma. Everyone is taller than Grandma.

Molly's new beau Nathan had to be warned repeatedly about low-hanging appliances.

Yes, he's taller than Molly....

but in this picture, taken with both parties standing their full height on level ground, you can see his height advantage over Grandma!

Caleb, Lydia and Abby.

Ben, Caleb and Lydia.


The Elwell name depends on these two fine young men plus Zach and Keith. (not present)

Grandpa was only drinking ginger ale.

Joanne and Grandma chatting through the window.

Sorry, Hannah, you closed your eyes!

Emily's eyes were not actually glowing red.

Bailey's eyes may have glowed red, however.

And did I mention that food was involved?

Karen was also there, as was I, but no photographic proof exists. A good time was had by all! Thanks for gathering, everyone!

Good picture of Grandpa!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Yesterday in Skowhegan

We took a drive over to Skowhegan yesterday. Our first stop was at the New Balance store--did you know that New Balance makes many of their shoes here in New England? I didn't know! Their factory outlet is a classic old school building, and they have several factories in the center of Skowhegan (also in Lawrence, MA and a few other US locations. One more reason to continue to buy their shoes!)

For lunch we were told that Kel-Mat Cafe was a good place to eat, but from the outside, and the name, it didn't seem too promising. However...

the inside of the building was gorgeous, an old Victorian house, beautifully refurbished.

Karen contemplates the menu--what to have for lunch?
We settled on Buffalo Chicken panini and Tomato Bisque. An excellent choice.

We need to walk that lunch off! A stroll along the banks of the mighty Kennebec River is just the thing.

The spirit of the tree? This face in the tree was totally a natural artifact.

And a stop at Lake George Park.

I could just go on and on with pictures of foliage and lovely old houses, but my camera batteries claimed to be "exhausted." A likely story.