Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Out with the Old, In with the New

The trend of knitting shawlettes continues...and this time I even designed one and published the pattern on Ravelry.

So last one first: Winterberry Shawlette

This is available on Ravelry.

Before that, I also knit Skywaves.

This is made of lovely camel and silk and is really great to wrap around your neck.

And I made Garter Love, from the Sock Yarn Shawls book.

And I still wasn't done! From the same book, I made Timpani.

And now I'm chugging away on Citron, which has been in my queue forever.

So let's just say that my neck will be nice and warm.

Sadly, my feet will be chilly--two pairs of socks developed hole sin the bottom of the heels, including one pair that is only 2 months old. 100% for socks? I hate you!!