Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Knits

I am glad to have a daughter who lives in a cold climate, so that I can give her handknits for Christmas. And she likes them, too! :-)

 Dressy shawl (Dinner at the Eiffel Tower) 

 Warm Shawl/scarf (Hitchhiker)

Socks, 10% cashmere

A very warm hat, bulky alpaca

 Daughter, in hat! :-)

And two wash cloths.

The slippers I made for Sam turned out too small, so they are going to my Mom, and I have made a new pair for Sam, but they are still drying, after being felted, and will need leather sewn on the bottom when they are completely dry.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gnome Sweet Gnome

When Christmas time rolls around, I am overtaken by a desire to make cute little things with wool and felt. This year, little gnomes from my favorite book, Feltcraft, and twisty trees on corks, from here. Oh, and a cute little bunny made from a garter stitch square.