Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sapphire and Amethyst socks

I started a pair of socks so that I will have compact knitting to take with me to Chicago. This yarn is so rich and lovely. I bought it on etsy from SeeJayneKnit, and it's perfect! She is also the maker of some super cool stitch markers. In fact, she added one as a freebie to this order of yarn, and I liked it so well, I ordered a set of them so that I won't have to use bits of yarn as stitch markers any longer.

I think I will make these socks for Kristen. the actual name of the yarn's colorway is Jeans and a T-shirt, but that doesn't do justice to the vibrancy of the colors. The yarn is soft and thickish and very energetic feeling. I am making the most basic of socks because the colors are the whole point. Pictures to follow. I have about 3 inches done the first day.

A picture of the sock in progress:

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Carrie Penny said...

Rock on! I think the picture of the yarn is lovely!!! I can't wait to see the socks now!