Thursday, January 10, 2008

The roll-brim hat from hell

Or, why you shouldn't use variegated yarn.

Yeah. So at first I notice, Oh wow, look at that, the colors are lining up! That's unexpected but maybe it will look cute like that. So I kept going. The "lining up" isn't perfect of course, so gradually rather than blocks of colors, I have smears of colors. I can live with that. Then it's time for the decreases. Hmmm, that can only make things more confusing. All of a sudden instead of blocks or smears of colors, it looks like plain old variegation. Wow, this is really another traffic stopper. What to do?

It must be time for Kool-Aid! I bought three packets, in some kind of blue, grape and black cherry and poured them all into a casserole dish. A quick dunk and some microwaving, followed by a rinse, and instead of wildly clashing colors, I now have blocks and smears and variegations in a more sedate and muted tone. Still blocks and smears and all that, but toned down quite a bit.

Now how to dry this monstrosity? Well look at that! A hat form, masquerading as a basket!

This hat will accompany me to Chicago. Be afraid, Windy City!

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