Thursday, December 13, 2007

Endless socks

Oh my aching fingers, these socks for Sam are never going to end! I knit and knit, but I just can't get them done. The fact that the pair made from yarn from the same source have now practically disintegrated on the sole isn't helping, either. Fearless Fiber yarn is very pretty, even the Smoke grey colorway. But the base yarn is just too thin. I mended a hole in each foot of the Irish Forest Socks, and wore them around the house and to bed, and now there's a quarter-size hole in a new location on the ball of the foot. Very discouraging.

Kristen is home and we are knitting together. It is very relaxing to knit and chat with her. She is designing and making a pair of black flip-top mittens in 50% wool 50% alpaca that is so cute. She knits much faster than me (she does everything faster! Processor speed, I think.) She also cast on a bag in the round in bright-colored wools to felt. Meanwhile, I added a half inch to the grey sock....

On a brighter sock note, I ordered a pair of socks from etsy made in wool and knit on an antique sock-knitting machine, and they are magnificent looking! And they cost only $20, which is less than I pay for most sock yarn! In fact, I love them so much, I'm going to try to get another pair, so I can give one to Kristen and also have a pair for myself. Maybe that will take away the pain of the Irish Forest Socks.

I have 40 essays to grade today, and then I can add up grades and turn them in. The end is in sight!

I also mailed off Christmas packages to Grandma and Karen and Joanne yesterday. Since two of the packages contained hand-knits, I insured them for $200!! And even that wouldn't be enough to make me feel any better if they got lost somehow. I think Grandma and Grandpa will like their hat and mittens. It is a very romantic feeling to be able to give people hand-knits for Christmas. This could be Little Women or something!

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