Monday, November 26, 2007

One more finished object...

I think.

Unless I decide to have a second go at the buttonholes and binding off. I finished the green Lush Neckwarmer-Pidge last night, and the knitting went very nicely. But Maggie Righetti is right--buttonholes are a bitch. I used her 3 row method and made fairly acceptable burronholes, but then I had a little trouble with the fact that I had added 2 stitches somehow (I didn't quite understand the directions) so I knit another row and k2tog before binding off, but in all that, the moss stitch became seed stitch and the end kind of flares.

If I take it out and try again, will it be any better?

The wooden buttons are largish, which looks cool, but it means I need largish buttonholes too.

I don't know--maybe I'm done, maybe not. I think I will work on Sam's socks for a while and let this one sit.

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Carrie Penny said...

It really depends for me if I rip and try again... If it looks okay, I will leave it if not, I will rip. No one will ever know but you (it is under the button).