Saturday, November 10, 2007

And a sock!

I have finished the first of a pair of socks known as Smoky Mountain Socks which will be for Sam for Christmas. I love the color and I love the 2 x 2 ribbing all the way down the leg, followed by plain stockinette for the whole foot. But I am also living in fear, since the pair I made myself wore right out.

I stitched mine back together just now and put it back on, but all its knitterly perfection is gone. And I fear the Smoky Mountain socks will meet a similar fate. What's odd is that although I used size 3 needles, my stitch gauge is 9 per inch. So I'm not exactly knitting loosely. Maybe what I'm doing is putting the yarn under tension in order to get that tight a gauge with that large a needle size? I don't know.

It's a little daunting to cast on the second sock. Actually I did cast it right on, and then managed to mess it up on the first 4 stitches and pulled it off again. I will do this! They will be nice house socks, if nothing else. As will my Irish Forest Socks.

I do so love Fearless Fibers colorways that I am considering trying her sport weight yarn to knit a pair of socks. That should at least have enough heft to it.

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