Thursday, November 8, 2007


It turns out that no matter how slowly you knit, if you keep on doing it, eventually, you get to the end. And I did! I finished a pair of size large garter stitch mittens last night, in charcoal grey with stripes of scarlet red. All the loose ends are woven in, the holes by the thumb are closed up, and they're ready to go. The second of the pair went much better on a circ held straight. I was trying to use dpns with a cap on one end for the first one, and it was too tight a fit. Maybe that's why they seemed so awkward. But I'm happy now.

I know this would be more interesting, even to me, if I had pictures. Need digital camera!! must be time to finish up the first sock of the Smoky Mountain socks for Sam. I tried it on his foot the other night, and he drew the conclusion that it is for my Dad (since I told him the mittens were) and he commented that he likes the color. I'm a little leery of these socks since my pair knit of the same yarn at the same gauge got a hole already. But probably he will mostly wear them at home. In any case...onward!

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Kathy said...

I came here from Joe's blog and I thought you were very kind about the snarky "lazy question" remark. You could Google it, but then you might not get Joe's personal take on the yarn. I think Marilyn must have rubbed off on