Thursday, November 1, 2007


I heard that a friend's daughter is collecting unwanted yarn to make mittens for people with cold hands in the area where she ministers. So it was the perfect excuse to go through all my old yarn and clear it out. I separated all the yarn into: send to Atlanta/give to Goodwill/throw in trash. I am only sending yarn that is suitable for mittens or perhaps a scarf or afghan. No eyelash or other frou-frou stuff.

That was put into the Goodwill bag, because I will not be knitting frou-frou any time soon.

And some yarn was either tangled ends or just too small amounts of old acrylic to be useful for much of anything. So I threw it away. Shocking, I know. But it feels kind of liberating.

Now all I have in the house is pretty decent yarn that I bought in the past year. I don't have to have the nagging feeling in the back of my mind that maybe I should knit a scarf out of Jiffy yarn, just because it is there. The Homespun in homey colors? Gone. The skein left from my sport-weight red shawl? Gone. Baby yarn? Gone. I was left with two plastic underbed-type storage containers (which don't actually fit under any of my beds). So I got all my and Kristen's stash of new yarn out of shopping bags and into those.

And then I knit a row on mitten #2.

I also bought Knitting for Peace today, and a very cool Premier edition of a new magazine of crafts in the Waldorf style called Living Crafts. I love their instructions for a felt angel and a felt heart and a snail made of a real shell and molded beeswax. Too bad I'm not still home-schooling a little kid. Too bad I didn't know how to knit when I was!

Anyhow, good day.

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