Sunday, November 25, 2007

Glaciers melt faster than this!

It seemed to be taking me an unreasonable amount of time to knit a small rectangle of moss stitch, so this morning, under ideal knitting conditions, I timed myself to see how much yardage (or inch-age. or milimeter-age) I produced in 30 minutes. The sorry truth--a half inch! Of a scarf that's only 5 inches across. This seems unbelievably slow to me. And I'm actually cruising along pretty well now too (this doesn't take into account the screw-ups that had to me frogged or the time spent trying to figure out how the heck the pattern actually works. I totally understand it now, and the k1 p1 motion is automatic. And yet, it takes me an hour per inch!!?? I believe this will need to be somewhere between 21 and 28 inches when it's done. Is it possible that it will take me 30 hours to produce a mini-scarf? (Because I have to make button holes and sew on buttons. And I have to think and figure.) God, no wonder the official ones cost $250 and up!

Well, anyway, it is soft and pretty, and I have hope that it will turn out to be attractive and useful.

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