Monday, December 17, 2007


Last summer I dyed some wool with Kool-Aid, and I am now knitting it into handwarmers. It's coming out so pretty...much prettier than it looked in the ball. It's making about 3/4 inch wide stripes, rather softly, in warm pink and purple. The grape Kool-Aid didn't come out too good, so I over dyed it by just smooshing the whole thing into the strawberry color, and now it looks great! I can't wait to have these finished. They're so much fun to knit.

I also Kool-Aid dyed an old (store-bought) wool scarf today that was a very ratty shade of light pink. I used strawberry kool-aid and gave it a kind of minimal soak, and it's a pretty soft shade of red. I think it's better than the faded pink. And it will match the new handwarmers!

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