Sunday, December 30, 2007

A few more pictures

I need to catch up on all the projects about which I blogged but never posted any pictures. Or maybe I should just give up and post new things. Well, let's see:

Ok, this is my current wip: a hat for myself using the basic roll brim hat pattern from Knitting for Peace. I have a hat like this that I made last year, but the colors clash with everything else I own, so I decided to make another so that when I go to Chicago, I won't stop traffic with my mis-assorted knits. So this is a fun and totally simple knit (ducks and knocks on wood to avoid angering the goddess of knitting!). The variegation is lining up and making whole sections of the hat the same color, so this might look, uh, unusual. Hopefully not traffic-stopping, however.

And let's see what else:

Kool-aid dying on old (purchased)wooly lace.

Me, happy to have a digital camera at last!

Oh, and my first, and so far only, sweaterish object: a vest I call Celtic Seas vest, done in Kureyon. I'm happy with it in every way except that the pattern itself is short and boxy, and I don't really need short and boxy added to my image. But the colors are so cool and the double moss stitch came out so good that I have to love it anyhow. It was shown in the pattern book on a hanger, and that's how it looks best.

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