Friday, February 2, 2007

There is a God!

I couldn't even start the second mitten until I found out if I could get more yarn, so on Wednesday morning I went to Michaels first thing, and they not only had the same yarn, they still had the same dye lot! Ahhhh! So I grabbed it and went to Borders and spent the morning casting on and knitting the cuff. It is coming along nicely. The first few rounds of rib knitting in the round is tricky, but I got it all worked out eventually. And I found that the best way to join the two ends into the round is to slip one stitch from left to right and then slip one stitch over that from right to left so it's tightly connected.

On Thursday I gave my presentation to the Korean Medical Alumni Association, and it went off fine. About a dozen people in the audience, and the speech seemed well-received. And the handed me a check for $300 at the end for my trouble!

I worked on the mitten some more in the afternoon, and then had to go work in the testing office in the evening. But I have the thumb hole in place and am making pretty good progress. I will work on this all day today and should have it done today or tomorrow. Such fun! Oh except for sore fingers! Mittens are knit very tightly, using smaller than usual needles with worsted weight yarn, so there's a lot of pushing and pulling. I put my leather quilting thimble on my left forefinger, and that helps a lot. One poke with a bamboo needle doesn't hurt, but 1000 or maybe 10,000--yeah, that starts to hurt!

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