Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It once was lost but now is found!

Kristen's lost scarf has been found! She has been so bummed about her lovely and lovingly created scarf getting lost. It seemed almost symbolic of the frustrations of this winter term. But she had some free time (finally) and decided to try to find out how it could have disappeared. She told me the long sequence of phone calls she made to post offices all over the place, but the bottom line is that it has been sitting in UCSB's campus post office all along! They either never sent Ryan the pick-up notice, or it got misplaced or something. So Kristen called Ryan and he went and got it.

I am so proud of her persistence and her skill in "stalking," even if the stalkee this time was a lost package. And if I may say, Ryan could have accomplished much the same result with less effort, if he had thought to try.

This incident is one among many that make me suspect that external reality sometimes seems to happen as a reflection of our inner state of mind. The sense of futility and lostness that has been dogging her this term seemed to take tangible form as a lost hand-knit scarf. And as she is feeling a bit better (and as she has time to pursue it), a better reality is achieved.

And my Baby Yoda sweater has been hand-delivered to baby Prudence, and word is that it did fit her, in some fashion or other. Pictures may be forthcoming.

So we have no knit in vain!

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