Saturday, February 3, 2007

Mittens in the mail.

I mailed the mittens, along with some noodles and Japanese chocolate, to Kristen. It is minus 3 degrees F. there right now, with a wind chill of minus 25 degrees. The poor dear! Mittens are the least of her worries!

I was a little disappointed in how the second mitten turned out. Despite my most careful measuring and counting, it ended up being maybe a half inch shorter than the first. :-(
Still, it is warm and homey and lovely to look at, and I hope it won't drive her crazy. I didn't have to dip into the second skein of yarn after all. Maybe I should knit a third mitten?? Maybe later. I can't take any more mittens right now.

I wanted something really calming and easy to knit, so I started to work on a felted zippered bag to hold knitting accessories (maybe pencil-case size.) The red wool is a delight to work with, and the plain flat knitting is so simple in size 8. But for some reason I kept purling the wrong way. I now see that there is a very easy way to go wrong in the purl stitch and if you do, the knit stitch on the reverse side is on the needle backwards. (Otherwise everything looks ok.) That explains what was going wrong when I tried the cable knitting. So after I finish this (which will be tomorrow), I will give the cable thing one more try. In fact, Christine is planning to show us cable knitting tomorrow at Teresa's, so I'll see what I can do there, and then go from there.

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