Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shawl again

This was my first try at a neck-down triangular shawl, and I really enjoyed it. You start with 5 stitches, and then make a yo on each end one stitch in, and on each side of the center stitch. It seems confusing, but the part closest to you in the picture above is the neck edge and the part where the needles are will be the two bottom edges.

I had some difficulty with the stitch marker indicating the middle stitch slipping underneath the yo and misleading me about where the middle was, but once I figured out what was going wrong, I looked carefully at the center stitch , and it worked out fine.

Here is the pattern.

I liked this so well, I might make myself one as well. I ended up doing 82 rows, and the finished size was 50" wingspan, 22" deep (neck to point) and 30" along each side. So it's relatively small, a shoulder warmer, but big enough to tie in front.

I went over to Christine's house this afternoon to give it to her, and learned that unfortunately, she has a second surgery scheduled tomorrow. So it was perfect timing to give it to her.

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