Monday, April 13, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays

To start a rainy Monday off on the right foot, we stopped at Istria bakery under the Metra tracks on 57th street for a cappuccino. They serve it with little disks of chocolate, which made a cheery face melting into the foam.

Then I accompanied Kristen to her Italian class in Cobb hall. Her professor, Rafaelo, is great--I was able to get the gist of the grammar points that he was making, and the time went by fast.
Then Kristen went to Green Hall to work in the psych lab, while I relaxed in the Reynolds club, reading and knitting. At 3:30 we made a dash over to the Ray School where kristen's tutee was waiting. Mirai is so cute, and after Kristen helped her do all her homework, they had a little time to play paperdolls!

We came home for a short time and then walked to Giordano's pizza, which is on Blackstone near 53rd Street, and met up with Ezra, because I wanted to take him out to dinner.
Ezra kept us entertained with stories of his blog and his political adventures while we waited 40 minutes for them to cook deep dish Chicago pizza. It was worth the wait!

The pizza was delicious. But even though 2 people were sharing a 10" pizza, we had to take half of it home with us.

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