Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday in Chicago

We got up early in the morning and looked out the window from Kristen's apartment...yup, looks like a good day to go have some fun.

We took 2 buses and ended up by the Water Tower, where we spent a little time in Borders.

Then we walked towards the Chicago River, which is this green all the time, not just on Saint Patrick's Day!

There are sculptures and art works all around the city, including this enormous sculpture of American Gothic.

Kristen bought new sunglasses and was looking awfully cool!

For dinner we went to the Parthenon Restaurant, where the meal begins with flaming Greek cheese to the cries of Oopa!

The main course was a plate that included braised lamb, roasted chicken, spinach pie, and eggplant moussaka. We had leftovers!

Then we went back to Uchicago, to attend the Contra Dance. The musicians were playing...

and about 100 people were dancing.

including Kristen...and mama a few times, though it's much harder work than you would think. But a whole lot of fun!

And finally, we fell into bed! Kristen's pedometer registered 18,000 steps, and that doesn't count the dancing. Our feet are sore, but we had a great time.

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