Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Knits

Kristen bought this yarn for me in Dublin Ireland and brought it home for my Christmas gift. It was produced in Ireland--85% wool and 15% angora. It took me a few tries to work out the gauge, but I have started on a pair of mittens to wear in Maine this winter. I actually finished this mitten tonight, and will start mitten #2 tomorrow.

I made Kristen a pair of Fuzzy Feet in lovely Moss Heather color of Patons Classic Wool, and just got them felted in time to put them under the Christmas tree still all damp. But they finally dried, and then we thought about something to make them snug and warmer around the ankles. So I knit a pair of 3" cuffs on 56 stitches (2 x 2 rib) and whip-stitched them in. They are really elfin and cozy now. I might go back and do the same for Sam's pair. And eventually I will have to make a pair for myself, but I'm really tired of knitting them after making 4!

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