Thursday, January 1, 2009

How I Made My Mittens

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed
85% Wool 15% Angora
50 grams/85 meters per skein. Used 2 skeins with a generous amount left over. (1 skein is not enough. I had 3.5 oz and used 1.9 oz and have 1.6 oz. left over.)
Color 360015--charcoal grey
US Size 5 needle (magic loop method, 32"knitpicks needle).

Cast on 40 stitches using long tail cast on.
Join to knit in the round.
Knit 2 purl 2 ribbing for 2 1/2 inches (I would do 3" next time).
Knit one round all knits.
On next round, begin gusset: at the start of a round, make 1 using invisible increase, k 1, make 1, place marker, knit the rest of the round. (3 stitches in gusset, 39 stitches in body of mitten)
Knit two rounds plain.
Increase to 5 stitches in gusset (make 1, k 3, make 1, pass marker, knit remaining 39 stitches.
Continue knitting 2 rounds plain (st st) followed by an increase of 2 stitches until there are 13 stitches in the gusset.
On next round, slip the 13 gusset stitches onto waste yarn, tie loosely, and knit the remaining 39 stitches.
On the following round, cast on one stitch over the gap , returning the count of body stitches to a total of 40. (It looks loose but it tightens up as you go on.)
Continue knitting every round until mitten covers pinkie.
Begin decreases as follows: K1, ssk, knit across to last 3 stitches, k2tog, k1, repeat on second needle (4 stitches decreased, 36 stitches remain, 18 on each side.)
Knit one round plain.
Decrease (32 stitches remain)
Continue to alternate decrease rounds and plain rounds until there are 16 stitches remaining (8 per side. ) Decrease again on the next round, to 12 stitches, 6 per side. Cut yarn to 12" length, thread through all live stitches and pull tight. Pull end through to inside and weave in.

Go back to thumb and put 6 stitches on one side and 7 on the other side (13). Pick up 3 stitches over the gap (16). Knit around. On second round, knit together 2 of the 3 picked up stitches to tighten up the gap. (15 stitches for thumb) If there are holes, insert needle through edge by hole and knit it together with the next normal stitch. Continue knitting 15 stitches per round until thumb reaches middle of thumbnail.
Decrease as follows:
K3, k2tog 3 times->12 stitches remain.
Knit one round plain.
K2, k2tog 3 times->9 stitches remain.
Knit one round plain.
K1, k2tog 3 times->6 stitches remain.
Knit one round plain.
Cut yarn, to 12" length, thread through all live stitches and pull tight. Pull end through to inside and weave in. Weave in starting tail on wrist.
Make a matching mitten for other hand. There is no right or left side unless you put a design on the back.


Susan C. said...

Thank you very much for the link to the CPSC Staff recommendation that you posted on Ravelry. People have been looking for this type of info for days. They are saying wool yarn is OK, among several other materials; read the details.
Surely the Commission will adopt the it is again if anyone missed it.
And... it's in plain English.

Mokihana said...

Thanks so much for the instructions! I'm glad I asked on Ravelry for help!