Saturday, December 6, 2008

Attention Shoppers!

I don't participate in Black Friday sales. But I did happen to be at the mall at 9 am on the Saturday after Thanksgiving (I was waiting for the yarn store to open at 10 am). After opening at some ungodly half-past-dark hour on Friday, the mall opened at 8 am on Saturday. But to my surprise, the place was almost deserted. I wandered around, and somehow nothing appealed to me. Today I was at Target on Saturday afternoon, and again it seemed rather quiet.

It struck me that there is a psychology to shopping--that you need to build up a certain kind of energy in order to want to buy things. And while people might actually have less money at the moment, they also lack that energy. Buying things, spending money, suddenly just feels distasteful. The sense of fun is not there. It feels like a burden.

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Carrie Penny said...

We have been to one mall or another every weekend so far picking up or looking for things and it is the same thing here...