Sunday, September 23, 2007

A small bit of Fair Isle

I decided to experiment with Fair Isle by adding a small design to the mittens I'm making my Dad for Christmas. They are charcoal grey, but when I put in the waste yarn for the thumb I noticed how nicely dark red perks up charcoal grey. So I decided to give it a shot across the finger area.

I charted out a super-simple design of three rows of offset 4-stitch squares, and carefully made sure it would line up. And it did. Except that I forgot that all circular knitting is actually spiral knitting. So at the end, it is offset. But that must be the case in all Fair Isle ever done. I wonder why no one has commented on this?

In any case, it looks fine, and I am now picking up and knitting the thumb. I don't even remember what pattern I am using for these mittens, so it's all kind of seat-of-the-pants anyhow. But they look pretty good.

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