Monday, September 3, 2007

Heat and Ravelry

OMG, it is too hot here! This is not the kind of weather that is suitable for even looking at merino/angora yarn. I cast on and knit 2 inches at Borders in the morning on my Fetching gloves--I just love it! And after the super-thin sock yarn, this feels so thick and buttery. But then I came home for lunch, and I tried to knit in the house, but despite a fan right on me, my hands felt sticky and the yarn didn't want to slide across the needles. I may spend the whole day at Borders today!

Last night Sam decided it was not only too hot to cook, it was too hot even to eat in the house. Good call! So we closed up the house and went to Mitsuwa and I had cold noodles (well, they were cool if not cold.) And then we wandered around the shops for a while, and then drove in the nicely air-conditioned car to the 99 Cent store, which was very cool, and shopped aimlessly for a while, and then stopped at Nijiya to get bread. By that time, it was about 8:30 and dark, so we went on home. We knew it would feel warm in the house, but I literally couldn't believe it when I opened the door. It felt like we had left a furnace running. I actually went and checked the thermostat to make sure it wasn't somehow accidentally on. It read 90 degrees. Luckily the patio was cool by then. This morning, the house is still quite warm. I definitely need to find somewhere else to knit!

In other news, I checked my Ravelry status:

* You signed up on July 1, 2007
* You are #11840 on the list.
* 850 people are ahead of you in line.
* 18472 people are behind you in line.
* 36% of the list has been invited so far

Only 850 people ahead of me! That's just 3 digits. There are 5 digits worth of people ahead of me and behind me! Woo-hoo! This looks like fun.

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Carrie Penny said...

I am dying for Summer to end and Fall to get here... I know that we are going to have at least another month of hot days, but I am still praying for an early end and maybe actually having a winter this year...