Thursday, September 27, 2007

On the Road

So I came to Redding, CA today for a conference sponsored by the Basic Skills Initiative. It was a fine flight, 3 hours total, including a stop in Eureka. I was able to see Mt. Shasta from the airplane, and can also catch glimpses of it from around town here. I worked on the Smoky Mountain Sock most of the way up, and have 4 1/2 inches of 2x2 ribbing done. I also graded a few papers.

When I got here, after a bit of business about how the Chancellor's Office intended to pay for my room, I got checked in and went looking for lunch. I decided to walka round town a bit and see what I could find. I was about to settle for Dairy Quees, when I spotted a local coffee shop called Sue's Java Cafe. I'm so glad I held out for a local place rather than tried and true chain food. This was delicious! I got a bowl of tomato basil soup with sour cream stirred in, which was served with two yummy buttery slices of sourdough toast, and a cup of tabouli (made with couscous and grape tomatoes and plenty of oil) which was also outstanding. And I had an iced latte on the side, which came with crushed ice. Since then I walked all over town, but 2 hours later, I am still feeling stuffed, so there must have been something very filling in the so-called soup and salad! The soup was really good--made from scratch with fresh tomatoes. I had a cozy Irish mystery novel to read, and it was just perfect!

Then I had an urge to find out if there might be a local yarn shop in town within walking distance. I found a sewing machine shop that also sold quilt fabrics (and a cute kit of wool puffs for felting--but I resisted!), and I asked them if by any chance there was a LYS in town. In walking distance they asked? Why yes, I replied. Sure, turn left at the Subway restaurant and walk one block to Sew Simple. This too proved to be mainly a quilt shop (with tons! of lovely fabrics, including some mellow wool pieces that tempted me.) But it did have a small assortment of yarn. And I picked up a ball of Granito by trendsetter, made in Italy 100% wool very loosley spun, in variegated shades of orange to brown with some pink. I thought it was $9.50, but when I paid, it was 50% off! And she gave me a pattern for a cute felted bowl she had made of the same wool. I might make that, or I might make a felted hot pad. In any case, it's a nice souvenir.

Now I must go to my room and think about what it is I am supposed to do at this conference. And then knit.


Carrie Penny said...

That lunch made me hungry!

Evelyn said...

It made me full! :-)