Saturday, September 15, 2007

Oh. Is this thing still on?

Ah, yes, I got my Ravelry invite. Finally. And all my spare cmputer time has been spent roaming around there. I don't have the technology to actually put any projects up there yet (ie a digital camera that I control), but it's so much fun looking at other people's projects. Let's say I want to knit the minimalist cardigan (and I do!). I can see a dozen or more people's starts, a few speed demons' finished ones, and see how it looks on real people and in various yarn, and what pitfalls people ran into, and so on. I can see a hundred different incarnations of Fetching! It is so cool! I sent a comment to Cast-on's Brenda Dayne and she responded to me! All the way from Wales! The internet has just become an order of magnitude cooler. Between Ravelry and Etsy, I could spend all my free time online.

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