Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July Socks!

I have finished the socks for Kristen! And they turned out so lovely--soft variegated green in just her favorite spring-time shades. I was able to re-do the backwards bit, with a bit of effort--I ended up ripping back to where the heel flap ended and re-doing the turning of the heel and picking up of stitches. I still don't actually know how I have managed on several occasions to knit in the round such that the stockinette side is on the inside of the circle. But I undid the damage. And even kitchener is starting to make sense to me and go smoothly. The secret is to keep all the stitches and yarn below the points of the needles from which you are casting off. I did these at Borders this noontime, and it just worked.

So, um, photographic evidence? Maybe this weekend??

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