Thursday, June 28, 2007

What the...?

Ok. So I knit one lovely sock in the beautiful light green merino yarn. And I knit the leg of the second sock. And the heel flap. And I turned the heel. And then I was ready to pick up stitches. And after I did that, I noticed that the yarn was coming from the bottom needle instead of the top one. Odd that. But perhaps it doesn't matter. Just a question of taste, right? Carry on, eh? So I knit two rounds of the decreases for the gusset, and things are looking, um, odd. Somehow, I am knitting backwards or something, because the stockinette stitches are once again showing up on the *inside* of the sock. And the outside looks like garter stitch!

So now I have to take all the stitches back off, get back to where I was somehow, and pick up the side stitches again. I think I must have somehow started off in the wrong direction at some point along the way. Most disturbing. Taking stitches off a circular needle is not easy. Getting them all back on again in the right direction without losing any is not easy. It will probably take me 2 hours or more to undo the damage. Sigh.

Every time I think I finally know what I'm doing, something weird happens and I am completely confused again.

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