Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Time flies

Whoa, I got a little sidetracked here. I have neglected to post because now I have no excuse for not having pictures, but I still don't have pictures.

I do have knitting, though.

I finished the first pair of Fetching fingerless mitts before Kristen got home. They are lovely! The 50% angora yarn makes the cable design somewhat muted. They almost look felted. But they are warm and soft and adorable. I made a pair with only one skein of the yarn, so now I'm not sure what to do with the remaining skein. I will make Kristen a pair in green a little later on as well. And I'll probably end up with a skein of purple and a skein of green left over. Could I make something nice with the two colors combined? Maybe a hat? Hmmmm.

Then I cast on for the pale green socks for Kristen. She loves the color, and my first pair of socks fit her quite well, so I am again following my adapted version of the Yarn Harlot's basic sock recipe. I am using just one needle, and I got all the decreases for the gusset to work out on the first try. I am now on the toe decreases. Then comes the somewhat dreaded kitchener stitching, which I will probably get to today. Will the third time be the charm? I hope so!

I've also done some felting. Bought some old sweaters at the Goodwill store and washed the heck out of them. I made Kristen a little felted zipper case for storing her knitting supplies. I plan to make a stuffed sheep as well, based on a pattern I invented as a toy for Kristen a long time ago.

My class for summer got changed, and now it looks like I'll have to do a lot more work than originally planned. My beginning ESL writing class had only 5 students registered, so they cancelled it, and after a bit of a roundabout process, I am signed up to teach regular English 1A for the second session, which means it will start next week instead of this week. I am curious about how a group of American students react to the same material that I have been using for ESL students. I got the schedule all planned yesterday, and submitted the whole summer's worth of photocopying (I hope). So it will be a lot of work grading 6 sets of essays in 6 weeks and pulling them through 2 novels and a research paper in that amount of time, but we will see how it goes. And if it's a disaster, at least it will be over quickly! :-/ I hope it doesn't cut into my knitting time too severely!

The main computer was dead but has been resurrected by a secret method discovered by wonder-daughter. I hope it continues to work! At the moment I'm afraid to shut it down at all, since it has to open in DOS. But once up and running, it appears to run fine. Fingers crossed.

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Soo said...

Oooooh - I'm intrigued by the Magic Loop and will give it a try shortly. I don't think I could ever abandon my beloved dpns - but I'll give anything a try once!