Saturday, July 7, 2007

Casting on and on

Yesterday I decided to cast on my next pair of socks, using the paprika colored yarn I bought some time ago. That yarn is considerably thinner than the two forms of sock yarn I've used so far, so I decided to give addi turbos a try. The only size available at Let's Knit was size 0 (2 mm) 32" long, so I bought that. It's not so drastic as I thought. And darling daughter has been knitting socks on a size 1 addi turbo, so I figured it can't actually be impossible.

And it's not. But it took me a few tries to get this thing right. The socks I've done before were 64 stitches, and I figured I needed more. I tried 68 and that resulted in me having to start the second side with purl stitches, which was awkward, so after a few rounds, I ripped it out. Then I thought that maybe 64 would work after all. But after a few rounds, that was obviously too small. So I ripped that out. Then I started my third cast-on, this time 72 stitches, using the long-end cast on. Only got to 60 stitches and was running out of long end. Sigh. FOURTH time's the charm! I now have about an inch of 2 x2 ribbing done, in several hours work.

This yarn doesn't seem as soft and springy as the last one at all. The color is pretty but it almost feels like cotton as I knit with it--somewhat dry and stiff feeling. But I will go one for a while and see if my taste for it increases. I hope so because this yarn was quite expensive. ($14 a skein, if I remember, and needing 2 skeins for a pair of socks.)

I have also decided that in the fall I will definitely make Sam a pair of socks, in the colorway Smoke from Fearless Fibers.

And while I'm ordering from her, why not another pair for me this fall in Forest:

Did I mention that I love etsy?

And Kristen is in love with the spring green socks. She wore them today inside her tennis shoes. :-)


Amanda said...

Sorry to read about all your troubles getting started with the socks! That's always the worst for me because I just want to get going. The color that you're using this time is beautiful! I can never find too many solid-colored socks yarns, even though there's 4 yarn stores in my community. They generally only carry variegateds.

Carrie Penny said...

Thanks for the comment. I think part of the holes may be picking them up and knitting them at the same time, I am not really sure... The Totem socks that I just made with the afterthought heel were the ones I had such a hard time following the pattern for. I gave up and came back to them a few pairs later and just used a new heel... With the after thought you don't have any holes (well if you pick up at the corners you don't)

Amanda said...

Ha! Thanks for letting me know about the profile error. I think that male must be selected as default or something. I'm definitely female!