Friday, December 29, 2006


Enjoy them, because I amy not be able to accomplish such feats of technology on my own once Kristen goes back to school. The scarf is finished!! It took three weeks of fairly intensive knitting, which is much longer than it *looks* like it would take! It's not at all the sort of Finished Object that people would comment on: Oh, I love your scarf, where did you get it?? It looks like the answer would be Target. But it turned out pretty and it will be nice to wear. The Merino wool is soft and warm. So:

Since it was taking quite a bit of photographic fiddling to get these pictures taken, I decided to include several other small Finished Objects all in one. Hence, the shoulder bag and the felted bowl. I realized yesterday that if I turned the bowl inside out it was more of a bowl and less of a hat.

And then the bunny. Isn't that adorable? Kristen made the knitted fabric as her very first piece of stockinette, and I followed the mathematically precise instructions and sewed it up.

The Mobius scarf has been abandoned and ripped out, so I think I will instead have a go at a roll-brim hat. Will I ever wear a wool hat? Well, maybe I can finish it before I go to Maine? That would be good. Maybe I can finish it on the plane on the way to Maine and stick it on my head when I arrive at Bangor!

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