Sunday, December 24, 2006

Daughter is on a Roll!

Daughter has taken to knitting like a fish to water. She knit two little swatches and then was ready to tackle cool projects. Her first Finished Object was a rainbow scarf, knit on long but flexible needles with a variety of fuzzy yarns, the long way. She cast on 170 stitches, I think it was, and finished it for a Christmas gift for a friend in just a few days of intense knitting. Then she immediately got to work on a hat from Stitch 'N Bitch done on circular needles. It's not exactly what one might think of as a beginner's first project, since it involves seed stitch and decreases and switching from circular needles to double-pointed needles, but she just finished the basic hat part. It fits perfectly and looks tres cool. Now she can add kitty ears and ear flaps and i-cord--or not, and it is still a hat. How cool is that? Next up-- a mobius scarf! Mathematics and knitting and warm comforting objects all in one fell swoop!

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