Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Great pattern for brand new knitters

This is too cute. Kristen knit her very first piece of stockinette last week in white wool, and last night I stitched it up into this little bunny and added ears. I adapted the adapted pattern, since the ears looked too long. Instead of decreases, I just stopped with 5 stitches left, threaded the yarn through and gathered it.

He's now hanging on the Christmas tree. Every year we need one new ornament that reflects the year, and this year we have two--a University of Chicago decoration and the bunny!

Speaking of Kristen's learning curve on knitting--wow! She finished another bag tonight which will be felted tomorrow as a gift for another friend. She's whipping out one Finished Object a day!

And I'm still working on the scarf-that-doesn't end!

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