Thursday, May 28, 2009

Warehouse Sale

Oh dear, I am becoming one of those people! A local yarn store announces a 50% off sale at their warehouse, and I show up at 9 am on Sunday, and spend $78 on high-priced yarn! I bought 4 small balls of cashmere, 3 in maize and one in forest green, originally $26.50 each, now only $13.25! And what am I going to do with 4 small (mismatched) balls of cashmere?

Well, to ease my conscience, I decided that I could turn each one into a small Christmas gift, a sweet little neck-warmer. I liked this pattern better after I heard it referred to as a lotus-leaf design. In any case, it turns out that one 25 gram (80 yard) ball of cashmere is just enough to knit this, luckily. And it only takes a couple of days of pleasant and easy knitting. So I feel a little better about my extravagance.

I also bought 4 balls of Cashsoft, one of which is exactly the same dye lot and everything as the one I used for the baby hat I designed (Greenleaf). I now have 4 miscellaneous colors of this as well. More baby hats? I don't know.

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gail said...

May I ask what is the name of the pattern for the neck warmer? I love it!!!!