Sunday, May 3, 2009

Koi Noburi

May 5th is not only Cinco de Mayo, it is also, coincidently Children's Day (Kodomo no Hi) in Japan. Quite a few of our neighbors put out the fish banners that celebrate this day, called Koi Noburi, which means Swimming Carp. They represent the wish that children (boys, actually) will be as strong and determined as carp which swim upstream. They look so festive, blowing in the wind!

So I completed a second Simple Yet Effective Shawl in Lion Brand Romance mohair yarn, this one for my Mom for Mother's Day. And again I made the whole thing in just a week's time, which is like a world record for me!

I've had such a good time with these that I immediately cast on for one more, this one for myself. We'll see if my luck holds!

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Lion Brand Marketing Team said...

It's great to hear you made a Lion Brand pattern for your Mom for Mother's Day and it looks great!