Monday, May 14, 2007

A washrag??

I was sure I would never knit a dishrag! How could anyone spend their valuable time on such a thing? How could I bear to soil my precious stitches??

Well, I did make a dishcloth, and it was fun. It's such a sunny yellow, and the double moss stitch made a lovely scrubby texture. I might even make another one some time, since it only took a day and a half.

And now, I am at work on a scarf which shall be named the Pine Tree Scarf, because it is destined for a home in Maine, the Pine Tree State. I'm making it for my mom for Christmas, out of pine green yarn that is 70% merino wool, 27% silk and 3% cashmere (called Kashmir, but clearly, that's a bit of an exaggeration.) I got the pattern from nNncy and I really like it: it's called Diagonal Rib, and it's just patterns of knit and purl, like a 3 x 3 rib stitch, except that each time the stitches are offset by one stitch, so that the rib travels diagonally up and across the scarf. To me, it almost resembles a cable pattern, but much simpler. It does take a bit of attention, but the yarn is nice and soft and worsted weight, size 8 needles, and the scarf is only 28 stitches across, so it is moving along quickly.

I had a lovely Mother's Day, and the end is in sight for the school year. All good!And I am wearing my hand-knit socks to school today! :0)

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