Saturday, May 26, 2007

More Stash Enhancement!

Ok, so my knitting to-do list just got a little longer. But it is well worth it. I am working away on the Pine Tree Scarf, which I like a lot. And I have the paprika sock yarn and the pale green sock yarn for summer knitting. But today, after a great show-and-tell time at Teresa's house, we went to the Alamitos Bay Yarn Company in Long Beach. Very cool yarn shop! You drive to the end of a Marina, not exactly a yarny-looking location, and there's a lovely inviting yarn shop awaiting you.

I could have spent an hour there, admiring all the samples and touching and feeling lots of unusual yarn. But unfortunately I had to be back at El Camino by noon, so I only had about 20 minutes to peruse the yarns. I made a quick decision: I had thought about getting some Cashsoft to make the Knitty pattern called Fetching (

But then I saw some absolutely beautiful worsted weight yarn of 50% wool and 50% rabbit angora. Angora can be wildly expensive, so $11 for a 50 gram skein didn't seem out of line. I decided to buy 2 skeins, to be sure I would have enough. I chose a lovely soft mossy green color, thinking, Oh this is a color Kristen likes. I'll make myself some fingerless mitts. Then I thought, Wait, Kristen will want the mitts! I'd better get another color for myself, so I picked an equally soft purple color. So I ended up buying 4 skeins. $44 worth. But I worked at ECC in the afternoon and earned more than that, so I felt justified in treating myself. It is really lovely rich feeling yarn. And if you're going to keep your hands warm, wouldn't soft angora yarn be just that much better?

I had to miss the rest of the yarn expedition, but I had a great time visiting with Nancy and Teresa and Christine and Yoshiko, and now I know another great LYS to return to again sometime. And a Saturday afternoon spent grading other people's research papers didn't seem so bad when I told myself I was earning yarn by doing so!

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KimT said...

yummy yummy yarn. I have not been to Alamitos Bay yet, but the owner came to my guild meeting and brought her wares. I have to get down there soon.