Friday, May 11, 2007

A Pair of Socks!

The pair of socks has just been finished!

The kitchener stitch again befuddled me more than I expected it to. I think I need to get some expert instruction in how to do it, but I was so impatient to finish these and be able to put them both on at once that I just pushed on.

They are like a walking foot massage! They hug, nay they embrace my feet! They feel almost alive!

For some reason the colors didn't line up the same on both feet, even though the leg portions did (perhaps because I did the decreases correctly on the second sock. :-/ )

But no matter. I love them. My very first pair of socks, off the needles and on my feet! Weeee!

I ordered some light green mildly variegated sock yarn on and expected to receive it by today but I just got a note from the dyer saying she was so sorry to be late, but she was recovering from abdominal surgery. Oh. Okay! I think I will wait till Kristen actually gets home to try to knit it into socks for her.

Can't wait for this to arrive!

But all this means that I am project-less at the moment. What to do, what to do? A washcloth? A scarf? Some other socks? Fingerless gloves? Stay tuned! :-)


Saffron said...

Any pictures of these lovely socks?? :)

Evelyn said...

Sigh. I don't have a digital camera. Daughter does, but she's half a continent away. However, she will be hgome for the summer in 4 weeks, and in exchange for room and board, she will be required to provide me with photographic evidence to post to my blog. Shoulda asked for a camera for Mother's Day, eh?

So in the meantime, just try to imagine the snazziest socks ever, ok? :-)

Saffron said...

:) *closes eyes and imagines snazzy socks* Yep! They look great! :) Congrats!!!!