Friday, June 21, 2013

Garter Stitch Forever!

I didn't like garter stitch at first, but it's growing on me! Especially with pretty yarns. And none of that darned rolling to try to counter-act.

How many shawls does a person in Southern California need, anyhow? I don't know, but I enjoy making them.

The first is Savina, alternating two rows of a solid dark blue and 4 rows of a yarn that has long stretches of light blue to dark blue.  (Called gradient yarn. from Knitcircus.)

And this is Wingspan knit with a single skein of sock yarn from Twist, called Zauberball.

After all that garter stitch and neck wrapping, I cast on 550 or more stitches to begin a sweater called Coat of Many Colors, but after 7 rows of 550+ stitches, I found that I had a twist in the cast on.

I was so disheartened that I had to put that project in a time-out, and I started yet one more garter stitch shawl, this one done with a cast on of just 4 stitches! It's my own pattern, Deep Blue Seas Shawl, but the colors are shadings of light green and purple. So rather than the deep blue seas, I like to think it will look like fields of lavender in Provence....maybe?

My Coat of Many Colors will in fact only have browns and black, and it will have to wait till fall to re-enter the line-up. Really, it was never meant to be summer knitting!

I might go for some actual lace next. Or maybe just more garter stitch....I do have a couple more balls of nice sock yarn that need to be a simple shawl....

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