Monday, May 13, 2013

The Things We Knit

I have been knitting a lot of items that consist of either lots of stockinette or lots of garter stitch. Very restful, or possibly just boring. But detailed things can only be done under just the right circumstances.

Well, all right, let's start with the lacy bits. A February Baby Sweater for Katie's baby (Emily Paige Elwell-Thomas, born Saturday, May 10, 2013.)

And here's Emily herself in the Greenleaf Hat I designed and knit.

And a cowl for myself.

Gingko shawlette

And then the alpaca garter-stitch shawl

My favorite sweater yet, Swing Pullover, also in alpaca
 A sort of kimono-style in mohair, silk and linen paper!
And Vitamin D.

And I am currently working on Wingspan.

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