Saturday, April 16, 2011

Finished Objects!

So first of all, I started and finished a small scarf made from the novelty yarn I bought in New Orleans. I used literally every inch of the yarn, including the leftover bits to make a couple of bits of fringe.

And then I finished up the socks that I began during my trip to Chicago just before school started in February. Another pair of plain vanilla socks in Patons Kroy FX yarn. Too bad I misplaced the pink-grey ones, but these, called camo color, are also nice, and not at all army-looking, imo!

And finally, and most impressive, I finished the sweater I started in January. This is made in Cascade 220 yarn, using a pattern called Chic Cabled Sweater from Red Heart. However, I made it a bit longer in the body, knit the sleeves in the round from the top down, and most importantly, removed the cables from the top of the sleeves and used them to make the cuffs, which I think was a good move. The sweater fits me to a T, though I don't have the photos to prove it yet!

And I've started on a Faroese shawl. Pictures much later!

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Carrie Penny said...

I love the cable detail in your sweater not to mention the color is so pretty!