Sunday, March 7, 2010

Folk Festival Footwear Finally Finished

Ok, so I'm a slow knitter. But I keep on knitting! And if you keep on knitting, eventually you finish! I cast on the first sock and got the cuff done before I even went to Chicago.

I knit from LA to Chicago, and during substantial parts of the 4 days I spent in Chicago. I finished the first sock during the plane ride home and immediately cast on the second sock, to avoid a life time of one orphan sock.

And then I knit and knit but it never seemed to get done. Until suddenly it did! Kitchenered it off on Saturday morning. And immediately went out and bought more sock yarn, in case of a sock knitting emergency.

So now I have to apply this same logic (if you keep knitting, you will eventually finish) to the sweater. I am kind of bummed about the number of screw-ups in this sweater, and yet I can't even bear the thought of frogging back, so onward I go. If I keep knitting, it will be a sweater. Some day. Just in time for spring! Yeah, not much motivation there.

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