Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday night and Saturday afternoon

Friday night's concert at Mandel Hall was nearly full. The hall is quite beautiful, with a balcony and Victorian architecture. And because I had connections, I had seats in the second row, so close I could see the rosin flying off the fiddle bow!

The concert starts with a bagpiper to call everyone to attention. I didn't take any pictures of the other performers because flash is not allowed during sets.

Kristen and Ezra announce the raffle ticket sales.

Kristen announces one of the acts.

On Saturday morning, I enjoyed Scandinavian dance music at Ida Noyes, especially this unique instrument which I had never heard of--called something like nickelharpen. Played with a bow like a fiddle, but keyed like an autoharp.

Upstairs in Ida Noyes, a workshop on styles of fiddle music was well-attended.

Later, a workshop on Irish social dance.

Downstairs, the food sales.

And the vendors area.

On the landings, impromptu jam sessions go on all day long.
Resting up now for tonight's concert!

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