Saturday, February 28, 2009

The End of February

Is it winter? Well, look carefully over the wall, behind the palm tree, and you can see snow-covered mountains in the distance. (Click for a bigger view.)
However, closer to home, the calla lilies outside my front door are blooming. I used to think that calla lilies were just an idea, some sort of plastic flowers that didn't exist in real life. But these ones pop back up every spring, which is what it is here now, I guess.

Aunt Bobbie sent me 4 giant skeins of soft fluffy yarn for my birthday! I will be busy for a while, knitting shawls and other prettiness.

So what's for dinner tonight, you ask?


Lovely whole fish in the mackarel family--I think they are called suary pike in English, though in reality no one eats them in English, so they might as well be called sanma.

And that's the end of February!

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