Sunday, April 20, 2008

Zooming Saxon Braid

I am obsessed with knitting this cable pattern! I can't believe how fast it is progressing and how cool it looks! And--knock wood!--so far, no screw-ups. I even added two columns of purl stitches on the sides of the pattern by dropping down a stitch and picking it back up, to allow more room on either side of the cable so that it would show up more clearly, and that went smoothly too. I only have a couple more inches to go before I start the shaping for the V-neck and the armholes.

Before I started on this project, I did a little fooling around with my first go at lace knitting, and I wanted to try out a single skein of wool/alpaca I traded form, in a colorway called Pesto. Now that I see that lace, at least in worsted weight yarn, is within my capabilities, I want to frog this and try something with a leaf design. I doubt if one skein is enough to make anything usable, but if it's narrow and has a lot of holes, maybe it can be a kind of ascot?

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