Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why people use patterns

Yeah, well this make-it-up-as-you-go method is a little troubling. I got to the bottom of where I want the V-neck, and I started doing decreases. What to do with this cable? Well, I more or less stayed in pattern and decreased it gradually away. And finished one side up to the shoulder. Now I'm trying to do the same thing on the other side of the V-neck. But looking at it, it looks kind of crazy. And it's hard to figure out how to do the second half of the cable and how to eliminate one stitch each time and still keep the pattern. And I am not at all sure that this is working.

But I will press on and do the second side of the front and then decide. I keep thinking that if I pick up and knit a band of ribbing around the neck edge, that it will look right. If not, I will have to frog back to the dividing point and figure out some other way to do it. It's only knitting. This has gone really fast, so I can do that if I have to, right? One week, and the front is almost done. The back will be plain and simple. I like plain and simple. It suits me!

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